• Heya, I’m having a wee problem with the sidebar layout on my pages (not the index.php). Say, I create a page from the “Write Page”.

    When I view the page, everything is fine, but the “kubrickbg.jpg” doesn’t show up, so I ended up having very odd colour contrast of my jpegs against a white background (the original being grey from the kubrickbg.jpg).

    Example: http://blog.bohemianphilosophy.com/?page_id=386

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

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  • The theme’s header.php is currently passing kubrickbgwide.jpg as the background image for a Page (to the page div id) when it should be kubrickbg.jpg. Double-check the logic in the PHP if statement that decides if there’s a sidebar or not. By default I believe it’s:

    if ((! $withcomments) && (! is_single())) {

    In yours, try just:

    if (! is_single()) {

    It’s working perfectly! Thanks, Kafkaesqui !

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