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  • On my webpage I can insert the Instagram feed on a sidebar. When doing this I can configure the following: Title, Feed, Number of columns, Number of images to show, show likes and comments, enable loading new images.
    In terms of clicking I only have the following options: Open Lightbox, Redirect to Instagram, Do nothing

    My desired outcome is:
    1) to have the chance to decide to have a sidebar that shows randomly from a list of feeds.
    2) the possibility to mix different feeds
    3) to be able to click on a picture of the feed and instead of Open Lightbox, Redirect to Instagram, Do nothing it reedirects to a link of my choice (for example another post)

    Please let me know if the desired outcomes are possible?

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  • Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    hi @branquinho,

    2). see reply here

    1). every feed in sidebar is a widget, it is not possible to choose which widget displayed. Maybe some plugins can help you to achieve this result, that is do not show all the widgets in the widget area, but randomly pick some. An alternative solution is point 2). if you already have a feed with multiple sources, and it is random, you get similar effect.

    3). this is possible with custom javascript. Set “redirect to nothing” . Then add custom js in plugin settings -> custom JS. Do you want to have different links for every image ? Or the feed as a whole? Second is straightforward. First one is also possible, but more difficult, since feed media is dynamic.

    I appreciate you time and what you wrote down was very helpful. I already bought the pro so I could take advantage of combining feeds.

    Following your comment I would like to ask you another question.

    Each feed gives me the chance to have 3 different options for a click – named “Image Onclick” – those options are:
    – Open Lightbox
    – Redirect to instagram
    – Do nothing

    I would like to ask you if you can add a 4th.
    – Redirect to a link of choice

    So I could choose for example another page of wordpress.

    Is it possible for you guys to add that option? (by now you can imagine how that would be the easiest way solve my problem on the previous comment)

    In case I would choose to mix feeds, for example from 3 different instagram accounts, an option to give each account a link should be available. You could add this option of redirecting to a link of choice right in front of the feed after adding it.


    You can have your idea submitted here. If that gets enough votes, we will add it. Thanks.

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    hi @branquinho,

    now we are adding some changes to the plugin,
    after that we’ll update it to the version 1.1.22/2.1.22.

    That changes will make possible having custom redirects for every user’s media in the feed. Just with small small custom JS. I will provide you with that custom JS after the update (3-4 days). Stay tuned.

    Hi @progmastery

    That sounds amazing! Looking forward to hear from you and test the new update, I am sure it will be very useful!

    Thank you for your quick reply and action

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    hi @branquinho,

    We updated the plugin.
    Now you can have different custom redirects for every username in the feed.

    Here is sample Custom javascript and custom CSS. Add them to the textareas in plugin settings page.

    jQuery('body #wdi_feed_0').on('click', "[wdi_media_user='username1']", function(){window.location.href = "";});
    #wdi_feed_0 [wdi_media_user='username1'] .wdi_photo_overlay {
    cursor:pointer !important;

    Use custom selectors for body class and feed index (instead of #wdi_feed_0) to select feed in a specific page or the desired one if there are several feeds on the page.

    If you need any further help, just give the URL with feed.

    Hi @progmastery,

    Thank you for the changes. Nevertheless it doesn’t work properly.

    My website uses hundreds of feeds so as you can imagine adding code to each single one is impossible and confusing. Besides, there is a code that turns off the cursor so when you overlay with the mouse it doesn´t show the hand cursor.

    Can’t you do something more simple such as add the option “Redirect to a link of choice” right after the chosen “Feed Usernames and Hashtags”? This would be much easier and with a clean look.

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan



    that would not be simple, because feed can have any number of usernames or hashtags. Do you want to add custom redirect link for each one of them?

    if feed has only usernames , that may be possible, but for hashtag feed it is not possible, because one does not know beforehand how many users have media under with that hashtag.

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    Can you also give a link to your website? Maybe it will be possible to add some simple specific customization only for your site.

    Yes, that’s why I suggest you to insert the link option right in front of the chosen username(s) or Hashtag(s). So each one as its own link.

    Exactly, my wish is to have a custom redirect link for each one of them. I can use in cases such as: a menu where you have a mix of feeds. You press one image and it takes you to a specific post.

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan



    While we cannot add the feature you are requesting right now, we will keep that suggestion in mind. However we cannot promise that it will be soon, because there are some other updates within priority queue.

    In case of your site, there are several images on the right side (is this what you want to use as a menu? ) and some not large number of posts to redirect to. So the script I suggested can work there temporarily.

    Dear @progmastery

    I completely understand that you have some other updates within priority queue and I appreciate you keep my suggestion in mind. It would be wonderful for me and I hope to other pro customers/users.

    Please update me if you ever solve this situation.

    I will try to think of another possibility in the meantime.


    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    Thank you for understanding. I will keep this support thread open until we resolve it.

    Dear @progmastery any update regarding this thread?


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