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    I’m Fujilives, and I LOVE using wordpress for designing things for friends, family, and even work! BUT… one of the core things that made me continue using wordpress all this time is the Ozh admin dropdown menu – it really made navigation feel “complete”. I could zip through things very quickly, and as a result, I was able to develop and deploy projects of my own without hating having to do administration. With 2.7 Ozh is very likely stopping production of his dropdown admin plugin – this means either I have to develop my own (I dont think I could ever do it nearly as well as Ozh did – if at all!) or wait for a new dropdown admin menu in order to use 2.7.

    I’ve really given wordpress 2.7 a good shot on a couple different installations, and I cannot get used to the side-menu for the life of me. I think what’s been done with the dashboard is a very cool thing, but I just can’t work with a side menu like that!

    I guess what I’m getting at is, there were several corrections to former-issues in wordpress 2.7, some of them revolving around familiarity of “older style” wordpress releases. It seems like all of the panels in the Dashboard can be freely moved around and that is fantastic, but then, why can the side-menu not be drag-and-dropped to the top, and have it function like the oh-so-popular ozh admin dropdown many of us know and love? This is what I am asking for – not that the changes be “reverted” but simply that the option is provided to freely “choose” much like the rest of this “crazyhorse” is geared towards customization and choice.

    One more thing. I don’t want to sound harsh, but – The “favorite action” dropdown panel now found at the top-right, in my opinion, shows “awareness” of slow navigation. Why would I need to dropdown-favorite something I can get to in the same speed and thought process as hovering over a dropdown on either the minimized-side-menu or ozh-style-top-menu? It’s the same process already implemented for no real gain – it just comes accross as a toy right now to fill that extra space, like it’s just more clutter on the admin screen!

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    Hi. Actually, we added the favorites/shortcuts menu before we revised the navigation, but people liked the idea so much we kept it, even though most things would only be a click away. Also, it has hooks for plugins to add things to the menu, so we didn’t want to take it away after providing them that option.

    The move to side navigation has to do with screen real estate and the addition of menu items without breaking the general layout. It’s been tested with a variety of users, and the majority feedback is that the side menu is preferred, which is why we went in that direction. There will not be an option in core in 2.7 to move the side menu to the top, but I can add it to the list of things to consider for 2.8. In the meantime, I’d suggest posting to the hackers list if you want to find co-developers for a new plugin to do that.

    sorry but i agree with fujilives, the ozhmenu is the only thing stopping me from an upgrade.

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