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  • Hi All,
    We are currently running a 50% sale – and have the 50% discount being applied through “Woo Discount Rules Pro”

    The discount is running and is applying the 50& “SALE” on our products as expected.

    We have “Woo Side Cart” working – we notice that when you bring the 1st product into the sidecart / “bag” it will come in with the correct discounted price.

    However, if you bring in another item to the sidecart, this will show the original “FULL” non discount price?

    In noticing this I applied “YES” / Force refresh the cart widget while add and remove item to cart to the “Woo Discount Rules” settings.

    This seems to allow 2 or 3 items to come into the “side cart” at the correct price.. however, with my testing it is not always accurate – the 4th or 5th item will come into the sidecart at the FULL price.

    If you go to the “cart” section of the website it seems to correctly reconcile and will then show the correct discounted pricing…

    Would be appreciative of any thoughts as to what may be affecting this from the sidecart?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author xootix


    Hello @bazzaus

    I checked your site & tried to add 2-3 products.
    The price appearing was exactly same of cart page. Have you managed to fix it?
    If not, kindly share the product page link which is showing incorrect prices.

    Dear Xootix, thank you for your reply – we were able to resolve the issue by remving the option “Add to cart without page refresh.” / with Force refresh the cart widget while add and remove item to cart to the “Woo Discount Rules” settings.


    The problem we now have is that when you add a product with “options” to the cart – the cart teh product does not apper in cart?

    for example using below link please try and add a shirt to cart – you will note side cart disappears and we have no options from the side cart?

    would appreciate thoughts on how to resolve a fix?

    Plugin Author xootix


    Hello @bazzaus

    Seems fine

    Hi Team,

    Thank you for your reply – in receiving your email I was able to work with my web developer we have been able to over come the issue.

    I have also purchased premium version we really like this plugin!

    I have another question now – I have found that if I use the side cart – add items to the side cart – remove items to bring bag back to 0 and then come back to the website to continue shopping some hours later the cart will automatically fill with many products.

    In recent example we came back to site and cart was automatically filled with 53 products automatically, with out any “adding” see screenshot.

    It does not seem to occur when a user comes to the site for the 1st time, only if they return to site at a later time.

    Is this usual behaviour?


    Plugin Author xootix


    Never heard of this issue before.
    Side cart does not add any item to your cart, it only behaves like a cart template, shows what is in your cart.
    You can verify by keeping side cart disabled for a while.
    Could be some other woocommerce plugin.

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