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  • I set up my WP site i noticed after posting 4 posts in my site that the sidebar in my site got messed up resulting it to appear at the bottom of the page instead of side.
    i dont know whats the real problem was i tried to change the theme but the problem still persist.this problem is only for the index page but the single post page which is runs when viewing an individual page works fine with the sidebar at the right position.
    Single page Example link Single page which displays sidebar correctly
    Please give me a solution to solve this issue.
    Index Page causing problem

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  • I am having this same problem, and it DOES NOT MATTER what theme I use – I switched back to the basic default WP theme and it is still eff’d up. The last changes I made to the layout of my blog were last week, and it worked FINE after that, so what the hell? I’ve been posting since late August and have not had a problem until now. I thought maybe it was an image I included in one of the posts, so I went back and shrank it a bit, but still the side bar drops to the bottom of the page. I went through and eliminated all extraneous extras from the widgets, and still the sidebar is at the bottom. I am about to pull my hair out, why would something that was working fine just the other day suddenly break?

    Sidebar drop may be caused by:

    • Unclosed div tags and other code errors
    • Too wide content (images, videos, tables, etc.)
    • CSS editing mistakes
    • A badly designed theme

    Check your site with a code validator:

    That doesn’t explain why the exact same theme works perfectly on a different site. If tags are missing from one, they’re missing from the other, it’s a duplicate theme. The only difference between the two is the content and different widgets. And I already said I verified that the one image that I *thought* was causing the issue on the broken site, is now smaller than the width of the content column, yet it remains broken. And just for shiggles, I re-uploaded the theme so it is unadulterated, and it is still broken.

    Pray tell – explain why, on this first link, which the validator says has MORE errors – works perfectly fine, yet on the second, it is broke broke broke??

    By your reasoning, the first one should be as broken as the second, yet it works fine.

    Any other suggestions? 🙁

    nikwolf: You have an unclosed div tag on
    Try fixing it and see if the problem goes away.

    I humored you and added a closing div to the footer of the broken page…

    It is still broken, with one less error on the validator.

    Did you run the validator on the other site that I gave that is working? That one has 49 errors, including several missing tags (supposedly). Yet it works.

    I don’t understand why it works on one site and does not on another when they have similar missing tags. Identical THEMES!! There is no rhyme or reason to it, and it is driving me mad.

    nikwolf: Your one site has all the classic signs of div problems (missing div backgrounds, div container displacement). If not an unclosed div tag, then it could be improperly nested div tag(s) or improperly placed div tag(s).

    Since these sometimes can add bad code:
    Try temporarily disabling your widgets and see if the problem goes away.
    Try temporarily disabling your plugins and see if the problem goes away.

    I switched to a brand new uploaded theme.
    Deactivated ALL plugins.
    Deactivated ALL widgets.

    Still broken.

    I guess I get to go and try unpublishing posts now to see which one is the offender… and if that fails…. Perhaps a wipe of my site.

    Wow, what a headache. I found the offending post, it had a stray div in it (which is why the validator thought there was an unclosed tag there).. I have NO idea how it got there. It’s weird because after I post I always go and read my site to make sure it appears ok, and that one did appear ok after I posted it… And it’s not even a post with an image in it so there should not have been any formatting in it at all. Very odd indeed!

    I should note that this only solve *MY* issue – I do not know about the original poster!

    is there no other way for this..
    at least for the sake of responsibility im going to restore the files in theme replacing my edited theme files like sidebar,index .
    lets see if it works out or not..
    till then please try solving my issue..

    stbalaji2u: You have an unclosed div tag.

    @iridiax i saw that validator page that you link here .
    the code was too long can you please tell me in what file the div tag is unclosed?

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