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  • Hi @24webcreation – Your problem is probably one of your theme’s CSS conflicting with the Moot CSS; not something the plugin can fix.

    Check out how to deal with CSS at Moot’s documentation and if you can’t solve it ask for help on Moot’s forum.

    Please do come back here and let us know the solution once Moot solves the problem to help others and so we can mark this question resolved.

    the thing is i didnt do any updates to my CSS and no plugin was installed in that period
    anyway thanks for quick respond now i know its something with CSS or plugin conflict

    Hi @24webcreation,

    I see you added a screenshot link to your original post. Looks like your Forum window is too wide and you have a float somewhere (I’m not a CSS guru so I can only guess.)

    You might solve this by using a full-width template; after all a forum constrained by a sidebar doesn’t leave much room for forum.

    Hi Mike, i stock with this problem check all css and plugins conflicts and no luck:(
    i spend some time on moot forum and there some people who has same problem using your plugin are you planing any updates on it ?

    @24webcreations – I don’t know what I would do to fix it because I don’t experience the problems myself. The plugin does not do anything more than what Moot suggests on it’s documentation page, so maybe you can try not using the plugin and just add the code from Moot directly to to your theme.

    Has anyone solved this issue? I am running into the same problem as well.

    Hi @Hinano – Please go to the Moot Support forums and ask for help there. The only thing the plugin is doing is including Moot’s Javascript file, and the plugin’s shortcode includes the HTML [a] tag required for the forum wherever you place the shortcode. Nothing more.

    So your problem is with an interaction between your site’s theme and Moot’s CSS and/or Javascript and if likely specific to your theme which means if it’s Moot’s CSS or Javascript only they can fix it, and if it’s your theme then whoever coded your theme needs to fix it.

    It’s not something I can fix.

    Also, if you get an answer from Moot or your theme developer please do come back and let us know the resolution so that others might benefit.

    @mike Schinkel Thanks! if i find an answer I’ll come back and tell.

    so it looks like after i added the header script for moot into the header.php of wordpress everything lines up as it should.

    <!-- 1. Moot style -->
       <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
          href="//" />
       <!-- 2. jQuery library (v1.7+ required) -->
       <script src="//"></script>
       <!-- 3. Moot application -->
       <script src="//"></script>

    @hinano – That’s what the plugin was supposed to do. Can you give me your website URL where your forum is located?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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