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  • Folks – any help would be appreciated! My side bar is at the bottom of my page ( I’ve even deleted and installed a clean copy of the theme that I’m using. I’ve also switched to the ‘default’ theme, and the same problem happens. What do I need to fix, change???

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  • I’ve had this problem as well, it seems to be due to tags not being completed..

    Ie.. <b> </ b>

    Etc etc, try editing your diary entries and cleaning up the HTML code.


    That should be </ br> sorry.

    There is no </br>. The correct tag for linebreaks in xhtml is <br />.

    1. Correct the URL in your profile (add http://)
    2. It might be something too wide in your sidebar or in the content area. There are hundreds of similar threads – it is always caused by a picture, long link, hidden code etc.

    by the way it is just <br>

    Please, stop adding irrelevant and wrong replies.

    Hmm, you’re probably right, I’ve definately had this problem though on several posts..

    When I click on the ‘show html’ and amend some of the links, then save changes everything looks fine.

    Mind you I’m using Firefox.

    Perfect, that’s exactly what it was. Somehow extra tags were added and others weren’t closed.
    Thanks rooraaahcrumbs, moshu & abs for the speedy replies…

    I’m having the same issue with the Flex theme (which I updated to work with widgets). In any page (except the blog) that has commenting set up for it the sidebar is bumped to the bottom. I’m not sure if the theme has separate templates for Pages (can’t check because I’m at work… workin’ hard, um, yeah)…

    IMHO, i think that its because of the padding + margin problem in IE ?? try reducing the padding of the sidebar/content div or try searching for tantek hack..

    I’m pretty sure it’s a padding or margin thing.. but I don’t think it’s anything to do with Micro$ofts browser (it was doing the same thing in Firefox, Camino, Opera and Safari). There is a grey divider bar that is placed above the comment section on Pages in the theme I’m using, I think that is bumping the side bar below the comment section (if i turn off commenting for that Page the problem goes away)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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