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  • I am helping out some friends with their WordPress site and I am learning as I go.

    Question 1: Sidebar Widgets

    Side Bar 2 default shows:

    – a Blogroll with the Category of: Family Of Blogs
    – two RSS subscribe selections

    If I customize the Side Bar with the available widgets:

    – I get the whole Blogroll and not just this Category: Family of Blogs
    – I am not sure how to set up the RSS feeds without adding the widget that includes Login, Register, etc.

    Question 2: Static Page

    I would like to have a static page without Side Bars. I have read about using a different template and it is greek to me. Mind you, I am starting to see double at this point! I am writing this with one eye closed.

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to make this work? Other than getting some sleep and trying again tomorrow?

    Thanks for everyone’s help. I appreciate it!


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  • Question 2:
    Your sidebar is called by <?php get_sidebar(); ?>. If you don’t want a sidebar on a specific page, just remove <?php get_sidebar(); ?> from the template. Your other option is to set something up that basically says “if it’s this type of page, don’t call in the sidebar, but call it for all other types of pages.” Here’s a sample of that:

    // If this is the home page, don't do anything
    // Don't do anything!
    // If this is any other page, call in that sidebar

    Here’s what to look at to help you decide how to identify the page you want:

    Essential reading for dealing with templates:

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