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  • I have been using Shuttle weMagazine for about a month. I got an error from WP my PHP needed to be updated, so I did to 7.4 – After updating the “Homepage (Featured)” section did not display.

    I removed plugins and finally renamed the plugin folder to no avail. Now I have deleted my site and database entirely and reinstalled and have the same problem. Footer, header, slider all display fine in 3 other browsers but the featured section is missing. I can see it just fine however in the CUSTOMIZE view.

    The only plugins I added back: contact7/flamingo which has always worked fine and wordfence which I haven’t activated just yet

    Anyone know what the problem is or if there is an other theme I can use that has featured sections where I can type in my text. I don’t have posts or pages/like that format.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 4 weeks ago by dolol.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey there!

    I had the same problem, and I have a hacky solution for you that worked for me.

    Edit the “Shuttle” theme, file “admin/main/options/02.homepage.php”.

    You’ll find a line like this in function “shuttle_input_homepagesection”:

    $shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch = shuttle_var ( 'shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch' );

    I commented it out, and hard-coded it like this:

    //$shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch  = shuttle_var ( 'shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch' );
    $shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch = true;

    It looks like, for whatever reason, this internal variable doesn’t get set as true. The logic that decides to display the features or not checks if the variable is set, or if you have edit rights. Hence why it works in preview.

    There’s certainly a better way to fix this, but this at least gets us pointed in the right direction.

    Here is a much more complicated, but more stable solution. It won’t get wiped out whenever Shuttle gets updated.

    You need MySQL database access. In the table wp_options (or wp_SITEID_options if you’re on multisite) you’ll find a key called “shuttle_redux_variables”.

    The option_value will start something like a:33:{s:36:"shuttle_header_styleswitch"; ...

    Add one to that “a” number, so for our above example it’ll be 34.

    Then add this string right after the “{“:


    So the beginning looks like:

    a:34:{s:30:"shuttle_homepage_sectionswitch";i:1;s:26:"shuttle_header_styleswitch"; ...

    Then you don’t need the theme hack, because the variable will be set correctly. There’s a bug in the customize interface that doesn’t allow you to change it at all, so you’ll have to do it this way until they get it fixed.

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