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    This morning, after having some absolutely disgusting spam comments posted on my site, I have decided that I will no longer devote any of my time and energy to combatting this crap. I wanted to blog to learn some skills, make some friends, and have some fun. It’s no longer any fun. It seems all my energy is going in to dealing with this nonsense, and, quite frankly, I have much better things to do with my time that ensure that my own site hasn’t been polluted with filth.

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  • iJames


    Egad! Seems a bit extreme, esp. given your enthusiasm in recent posts here. I’m sorry you feel that way.

    So none of the spam plugins have helped you at all?



    I’ve been around WP since version 0.7, and my enthusiasm has been around that long as well. I have used every spam plugin around, and of course, none of them can catch everything. Random garbled stuff I can deal with. Poker/casino I can deal with, but when rape and incest and other subjects get posted on my site, then I have to ask myself why I’m even bothering to keep going.



    This is very sad and none too encouraging. 4 days of my blog quietly being up and not a single comment, for which I am grateful, but I fear it is only a matter of time with all I’ve been reading here. 🙁

    God, I loathe spammers.

    NM, you inspired with your enthusiasm and insight here. I’m sorry the spammer scum have driven you to this.



    “Poker/casino I can deal with, but when rape and incest and other subjects get posted on my site, then I have to ask myself why I’m even bothering to keep going.”

    Because you’re better than them?

    Just my own perspective, of course. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I just find it unfortunate if this is what you’ve gotta do.



    Instead of closing down, why not shut your comments and pingbacks down–until something comes along to fix the problem?



    Comments are probably the part of blogging that I enjoy the most. It’s great fun to read what folks have to say and to interact with them in this way. Like I said, the fun is gone.



    I’m not sure why you’re letting them beat you, but it’s your choice.

    The idiots will always outnumber those worth knowing in your lifetime. I say that gently in the hopes that you’ll decide to deal with the idiots instead of walking away from them. The other option is to buy a really comfy pair of walking away shoes.



    I agree that the comments–the interaction–is the fun part of weblogging. Until something comes along to prevent spammers I think the only solution is registered comments and pingbacks. It’s too bad.



    Another classic case of one bad apple spoiling it for the rest of us.

    Now, what am I going to do?




    Craig, have you tried humanizing your comments? This has drastically reduced the spam comments — in fact, I haven’t gotten any since I implemented Jeff Barr’s comment spam fix and all has been well since.

    I hope you reconsider, but I certainly understand if you don’t. After all, your blog, your rules.



    ??? People suck whether you have a blog or not. Personally, I don’t like real life people who are stupid but I don’t go and kill myself because other people in this world are annoying.

    I’m sorry you have problems. So do I. I turned off my trackbacks for the time being and now its all cool. My blog is strange as that I guess I am so big, bad, and scary, people tend to email me more comments than actually post them. I dunno, it just doesn’t really get to me because its something I can’t control- like traffic or the weather.

    I’m sorry its upsetting to you. I do hope you reconsider.



    I haven’t killed myself, and I am in control by not providing the idiots with another site to turn into shit.

    NM: When it’s no fun, you shouldn’t force yourself. I wish you all the best, though…I certainly loved how you wrote.

    Tek: Thanks for tipping me off on how to turn off trackbacks. I completely missed where it was in the admin CP.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    NM, please please please just disable comments and trackbacks by deleting the wp-comments-post.php and wp-trackbacks.php files. http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=19950 . I really enjoyed your blog.



    As everyone has already said, that seems just a tad extreme. By that logic, you would have turned off your email years ago.

    Your blog will be missed, it made me laugh.

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