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    Hello, I’m trying to get Shutter Reloaded to work with Infinite Scroll. Infinite scroll has a place to insert js to call each time a new page is called in. On Infinite Scroll’s own home page, it lists the js for Shutter Reloaded to call as shutterReloaded.Init('sh');
    Shutter Reloaded is working on the first page, but not on subsequent pages. I have confirmed that the image links do have a class of shutter, but they do not load properly. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Found the answer myself. They correct code is try{shutterReloaded.init();}catch(e){}

    ok, finally got it to work with shutterReloaded.init(); However, it only works when the user is logged in. Any thoughts on why this would happen? Thank you.

    Does infinite-scroll only work when users are logged in or is it just the loading of shutter on subsequent pages? Do you have an example I can look at? 🙂

    Yes, please. Here is an example: I could really use some help debugging this one. Infinite scroll loads fine. And shutter reloaded loads fine on the first page whether I’m signed in or not, but it only loads correctly on the subsequent pages when I’m signed in. Thank you

    ok, just checked in on my site after Christmas, and it now seems (inexplicably) like none of the javascript I have listed for infinite scroll to call on page load, is loading. Scripts which loaded flawlessly before, now act like they are not working. Infinite scroll still loads the subsequent pages, but all of the javascript has stopped working. Please help.

    Just had a look now, seems to work?

    sorry, I didn’t get back. I’ve been doing some tinkering. The problem seemed to be a javascript conflict. Rearranged the order that shutter reloaded was called by infinite scroll, and replaced some “$” throughout plugins with “jQuery”, and all seems to be working except front end editor. Thank you for taking a look.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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