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    Hello, I am testing out your slideshow program, unfortunately you can’t access the site because I am running the test on my local computer and not on the live site. If you go to you can see how I have some slides being pulled in from Picasa. Now that picasa maybe going away and I am not sure how google+ is going to work (I like Picasa better than google+), I am looking at moving back to having the photos on my own server. I like your code better than anything else I have seen out there so far. My only problem is that I have my css code for my page to display the page differently for tablets and smart phones with smaller screens.

    If you look at the page with a smartphone, you will see the head graphics go away, the menu becomes a list and the sidebar ends up at the bottom. I also cause the slideshow images to get smaller using a CSS style to shrink them. I had hoped to do the same thing with slideshow created by your program, however I have had no success. The photos stay at the original size no matter how small or large I make the page. The Max image width is set to 500px with the stretch to fit option turned off. I noticed on the live code that you have image widths set using an inline style command. Why is that? inline style commands can’t be overruled so if I wanted to change the image size in CSS I can’t do it because of the inline style that is created.

    I would love to use your program in the future but I have to get the images to shrink first.

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    The slideshow is built to resize automatically with the width of its containing element. This means that you shouldn’t have to manually set any of the slideshow’s dimensions.

    I have locally added the slideshow to your website, from which I can tell that your website is resized to the browser’s size three times. The slideshow only resizes from the largest to the middle width format.

    The reason for this behaviour is that the ‘content’ element doesn’t get any smaller in the reformatting to the smallest format. The ‘content’ element is actually enlarged to a width of 607 pixels. The slideshow then adjusts to this width, which makes it look like the slideshow resizes wrongly.

    Best regards,

    Ok, I think I am missing what you are saying here. The web page has three sizes, the desktop size, the tablet size, and the smartphone size. With the desktop size, the photo’s max width is 500px. The full website is 960px in size. In tablet mode its 768px and smart phone its 319px. Everything seems to be resizing except the slide photos and looking at the code, I can see where it still has image width set to 500 as an inline style sheet. Is there something I need to adjust to make that work? I am using DreamWeaver CS5.5 to view it in different screen modes.

    Ok, I found the problem and now the slideshow is shrinking now like you said it should. I had to add the page class in front of the container id in the phone section of the css style sheet that I was using so it would shrink that container. Thank you for your help.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    That’s great to hear!

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