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    I’m using a plugin called Instabuilder (current version) to create tabbed content in my WP3.51 install using a responsive premium theme. I have 4 tabs and in 3 of them, I am using a slideshow to display images. When I set this up a few weeks ago (sorry, I don’t know what version at the time), it worked fine showing each slideshow under each tab in the correct proportion.

    I am now using Slideshow v2.2.2. When the page loads, whatever tab is the “current” tab shows the slideshow in that tab is fine. BUT, when I click on another tab, the slideshow for that tab gets shrunk from 565px wide (as defined) to 55px (same height though).

    This is happening in Chrome as well as in Firefox AND on my mobile device, so I don’t think it’s a Java issue as you suggested in another thread.

    When I refresh the page, the now “current” tab refreshes correctly, BUT the other two have the above problem.

    Have cleared my cache, have chosen NO for “Fit image into slide (Stretch image)”, “Shrink slideshow’s height when width shrinks” and “Enable responsiveness (Shrink slideshow’s width when page’s width shrinks)” as defaults AND in the sliders themselves…

    I’m convinced the problem is with the SlideShow plugin and not Instabuilder. I have several old versions of Instabuilder which I tried installing separately to see if the problem went away (because it did work several weeks ago). None of them had any impact.

    I also tried showing each slideshow outside of the tabbed content and it DID work correctly.

    I really like Slideshow but also need to use tabbed content with it. Perhaps there is a quick tweak that can make it work (again!)? Thanks for any help you can provide.



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  • P.S.

    Here’s a quick vid to show you what’s going on (sorry for the long-winded description above…

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your very clear description and the video along with it. I know what’s causing the slideshow to be smaller on the tabs that aren’t the current tab when te page loads.

    I have a solution in mind, but I’d best be able to test it if I would be able to see your website. Instabuilder doesn’t seem to be available for download at the moment, so I can’t replicate anything on my own website.

    If you don’t want to others to access your page yet, you could send me an e-mail at Thanks!

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    – Version 2.2.3 will resolve the issue by recalculating its width when it becomes visible.

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