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  • Hey guys. My blog is

    Recently, I updated from Blix 1.0 to Blix 1.1… and when I did so, my site suddenly became wider. You can tell because my head banner is now not as clean as it once was (because it’s not supposed to be that big). The website simply looks off now, and I just want to make it more narrow… how can this be done?

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  • its just added padding and borders. youll have to edit two stylesheets
    first, in layout.css find

    #container {
      margin:0 auto;
      padding:30px 30px 0 30px;

    change padding:30px 30px 0 30px; to padding: 0px;

    and in spring_flavour.css find

    #container {
      border-top:30px solid white;
      background:white url(images/spring_flavour/container_bg.gif) 590px 0px repeat-y;

    and get rid of that border-top:30px solid white; section. if you want some padding or border, just adjust the numbers instead of deleting them.

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