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  • ok something wierd is happening in my wordpress online magazine.
    i added the ShowOnFrontPage plugin so that i have an option in the “create new post” that asks me if i want to (tick) put the article on frontpage of the site.
    it works fine.
    but whats happening now is that when i post a comment on an article that appears on the frontpage, it disappears from the frontpage
    if i enter the manage area in my admin panel, i find that the “show on front page” option is not selected anymore. so i tick this option, and the article will appear again on frontpage.
    what’s happening?
    and if u didnt face such a problem can u please tell me where should i look in the wp code to try to find out the problem?
    the plugin php file doesnt show any keys to solve this problem.

    also,another problem is that when i tried to temporarily disable comments until i solve my first problem(options>discussions>Allow people to post comments on the article) nothing changed and people can still post comments.

    my site is

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