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  • I like how the big calendar displays the “time off” so that customers know they can’t book those times. But once they are in the actual booking section, with the first modal and the small monthly calendar showing, all days look the same and they are all clickable, even the ones where there are no times available. If I have given myself a whole week off, where customers can’t book, this is not reflected in the small calendar. This is particularly annoying in the mobile version where there is no big calendar, so every time you try to book a day that is already full or not available you are told “Sorry, no available times” and you have to go back. Would it not be possible to have a cross, or red background, or some other custom style for days with no available times, or to simply disable the ability to click on those days? Am I making sense here? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Webrightnow,

    This feature really make sense and We already added this feature in our premium version 3.5 coming in next week.

    We will post a tweak to disable date on small date-picker calendar within hour.


    Great thanks Frank, that’s very helpful!

    Plugin Contributor Hari Maliya


    Hi Webrightnow

    You can disable dates by doing this tweak:

    Open file appointment-calendar-shortcode.php, available in plugin directory

    Search bellow code line


    Add new line code after searched line

    $myCalendar->setSpecificDate(array("2013-05-15", "2013-05-16"), 0, '');

    Above code line will disable May’s 2 date 15th & 16th May on small calendar. You can pass other dates to disable them on small calendar.

    If you want disable these dates each month then pass an extra parameter as bellow

    $myCalendar->setSpecificDate(array("2013-05-15", "2013-05-16"), 0, 'month');

    Here the function documentation:

    setSpecificDate (array dates, int type, string recursive)
        Optional: Set the specific to enable or disable.
        dates: the array of date, and date should be in format YYYY-MM-DD
        type: enable or disable the date specified. 0=disable, 1=enable
        recursive: '' (blank)=no recursive, calendar will process only on exact date, 'month'=monthly recursive, or 'year'=yearly recursive
        Ex 1. $myCalendar->setSpecificDate(array("2011-04-22"));
        Ex 2. $myCalendar->setSpecificDate(array("2011-04-22"), 0, 'month'); //disable date 22 every month
        Ex 3. $myCalendar->setSpecificDate(array("2011-04-22"), 0, 'year'); //disable 22 Apr on every year

    Thanks & Kind regards

    Good idea, but I think this fix is not flexible enough. There should be a way to import as a variable the time variables corresponding to the time off period into the function instead of having to hard code the time. I am doing a website for a client, and she needs to be able to update the time for herself. She has no coding knowledge.

    I don’t know PHP that well, but if you run a foreach loop and for every instance of a timeoff period found within a month you add each time into the function. I do not know if this is possible but it in my mind it is a better more flexible way to go.

    I’m thinking of buying the premium version, but I’d like to make sure first that this feature (disable unavailable days on the small calendar) has been included into the latest version as written in this thread. It should, cause it was posted 6 months ago, but I want to make sure cause it’s something important for my client. I tried the online demo and didn’t see this feature working though…


    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi xaome,

    Sorry! but at present this feature is not possible.

    We have added in premium but after beta testing we removed. Because we found It’s more confusing workaround in booking process.

    But we are searching for better solution to achieve this.
    Hope you can understand. I will post you if any update on this.


    Hi Frank,

    I agree it could be confusing with many slots a day because of the clotter it could cause, but in our case, we want to show only available/unavailable days in the calendar, and we believe it’s confusing for the user if the days are grayed out in the big calendar but aren’t the mini. And my client would like to have the form opening when clicking the date the user wants on the big calendar and the date chosen be automatically prefilled in the date field. I don’t think it’s an available option, so I made the whole calendar clickable and opening the modal window, but it’s still confusing cause the user may think his date was already chosen when it clicked the first time, and book the wrong date..

    By the way, is it possible to gray out an entire cell if an entire day is booked or off (or even better, if it could be grayed out with a color for day off and different one for full day booked)? Cause right now it adds a block inside the case, as if it was appointments instead of unavailable days.


    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Xaome,

    Clicking on Big Calendar then pop up Form & selected date automatically prefilled in Appointment Date field. This features is already available only in premium version.

    Give a try at demo link here.

    Graying out an entire cell if any TimeOff is possible by tweaking some custom JS and CSS code.


    Oh nice thank you!!! didn’t noticed that when I tried the demo! 🙂

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