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[Resolved] Showing same post title/category on all pages

  • Hi
    I just installed the latest version of instant breadcrumbs and is using the footer menu.
    The problem is that its showing same post title/category on all pages irrespective of the link which are correct.

    Let me know what is the error.

    F.Y.I – when i use the header menu everything works great. The problem is only while using footer menu.


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  • Plugin Author loseyourmarbles


    Thanks so much for the feedback, this sounds like an interesting issue and may have something to do with a conflict between the plugin and whatever theme you are using. I will go ahead and try some footer navigation menus out; if you could let me know which theme you are using, that will help as well.

    I don’t think I have tried breadcrumbs in a page footer before – so there is very possibly a bug to be fixed here… 😉

    Thanks for your quick response. The theme active on the website is hueman (link: https://wordpress.org/themes/hueman )

    I am using it on multisite and the breadcrumbs do work fine on some sub-sites.
    For eg: there’s no issue on url http://movies.public.reviews while using on footer but the same persist on this url http://services.public.reviews though the themes and plugins are on same network.

    Plugin Author loseyourmarbles


    Thanks so much for the theme information – very helpful and a nice looking theme.

    It’s possible that themes like this (that have lists of ‘related’ or ‘featured’ posts) can lose track of the ‘current’ post while they are looping through the other lists, which means things lower down the page might not be able to access the ‘current’ post. I’ve checked the Hueman theme and it all seems to be good, and I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem – although as you point out, some sites work just fine.

    I’ve tried a workaround and released an updated version 1.4.4 of the plugin. It tries to capture the information the breadcrumbs needs as soon as possible; that should mean the data will be the same wherever it’s used – header or footer. Give this a try and let me know if it helps! If not, I’ll have to look a bit deeper.

    Its working fine on all the sites now. Thanks for the followup and update !

    Plugin Author loseyourmarbles


    Thanks for the support and the confirmation that 1.4.4 resolves the issue. Cheers!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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