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Showing posts on homepage in category-specific columns?

  • Say I have 5 categories, A through E. Each has posts from 1 – x (1 being most recent).

    So for example I might have Posts:
    Post A.1, Post A.2, Post A.3… etc…
    Post B.1, Post B.2, Post B.3… etc…
    Post C.1, Post C.2, Post C.3… etc…
    Post D.1, Post D.2, Post D.3… etc…
    Post E.1, Post E.2, Post E.3… etc…

    Now let’s say that categories A and B have a common theme (Food recipes and Restaurant reviews) and C, D, and E have another common theme (Gig reviews, New bands, and New Releases). So one blog is being used for two separate themes of posts.

    The standard fayre for displaying these posts would be to mix them all up and list them most recent first… eg…

    Post A.1
    Post A.2
    Post D.1
    Post B.1

    How would I go about bumping these posts into two themes like this:

    Post A.1 Post D.1
    Post A.2 Post E.1
    Post B.1 Post C.1

    Can anyone suggest either a theme that permits this or a way to force a theme to do this?

    Thanks people!

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