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Showing Post From New Sites As Posts On Another Blog

  • I have multiple blogsites. I would like a post from each new site in the multisite network to be copied as a post on another site.

    Is there an easy solution to my request?

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  • Maybe.

    Do you meant all new posts on all sites are collected on one ‘collection’ site?

    There will be an “About Us” post on each site at one domain, which I wish shown as individual posts as soon as created on another account.

    Example: site01.domain01.com/about/, site02.domain01.com/about/, site03.domain01.com/about/, and site04.domain01.com/about/ all wind up as posts on domain02.com as domain02.com/about01/, domain02.com/about02/, domain02.com/about03/, and domain02.com/about04/ (or some other naming convention, but still on a second domain).

    Huh… That’s a little odd.

    This one is easy, just map domains:
    site01.domain01.com/about/ == domain02.com/about01/

    This gets odd:
    site02.domain01.com/about/ == domain02.com/about02/

    I’m trying to visualize that, as it would have multiple sites with their pages on one domain, and that’s not really how it works.

    You could do this:
    Map site1.domain01.com to domain02.com

    Then use a multinetwork plugin to make subsites off site1, so you get domain02.com/site02 and domain02.com/site03

    I’m thinking that I may be able to use the WPMU Dev Tag Feed plugin (which requires the Post Indexer plugin) and create a feed for the posts, based on a tag coded with each “About Us” post on Site01. Then, on Site02, I use their Autoblog plugin to read the feed and create the posts from the feed.

    Just took advantage of their annual Black Friday special and got them to test. Not sure yet, but I think it will work.

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