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  • As I understand it, if I wanted to show info like the title and content of a post on another webpage, the blog would have to be installed under that domain. Then you can use tags and it will understand what you’re wanting.

    But I have a page outside of that domain, that I’d like to display the title, and part of the content of the latest post on. Is it possible to create a link somehow so I can use the WordPress tags on this other page, and format them via a separate CSS file?

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  • Could RSS be used instead;

    ‘Scraping’ the content form the blog using it’s RSS feed and then displaying it on the other domain?

    I’m no RSS guru, but I think this should be possible.

    I’ll definitely give that a shot. It’s the only thing that might work at this point, other than pointing an iFrame to the blog site. But then I’d have to screw with the look of the blog site, just to get it to appear the way I want it to on the other website. Definitely not something I want to do. Thanks for the input. has a php script you can use to read an RSS feed and insert it into a web page. Your page has keywords where you want the feed to appear, and the script does the rest. I use it on several sites to give an otherwise static page dynamic content that the end user can update easily themselves just by posting on the blog.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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