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  1. dcomfort
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I am several different categories, with sub-categories under each of those categories. I would like to show only those categories which are children of that category when I am "drilling" down into a category. I cannot find any way to configure wp_list_cats to do that and there doesn't seem to be any hack or plugin to accomplish this task. Essentially I wanted a nested directory structure with lower levels hidden until I drill down into those categories

  2. cacophoney
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hope I do understand your message correctly.. I want to do more or less the same thing, too.

    First I make another template for category page using the mod_rewrite thingie (by modifying the .htaccess file -- there's a tutorial on that but i dont have my bookmarks so i cant give you the link, sorry).

    Then in my category.php page, I write this:
    <?php wp_list_cats('child_of=$cat'); ?>
    where I want my subcategory links to display.
    To show only subcategories one level down (ie hiding subcategories of a subcategory, if any), I only use CSS (display: none).

    The only problem is, I need to put a text ("subcategories:") before the subcategories link, so my code goes like:
    <ul id="subcat">
    <li>subcategories: </li>
    <?php wp_list_cats('child_of=$cat'); ?>

    When a category has no further subcategories under it, it would still display the text "subcategories:".
    What I need is the code to hide that
    <li>subcategories: </li>
    part IF there's no subcategories under a category. I know I probably should use some "if-then" thingie using PHP but I know positively nothing about php so I'd be glad if anyone can help.

    Loads of thanks.

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