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  • suppose i currently have my comment setup to show as so

    <font class=”com_name”>“><?php comment_author(); ?></font>
    <font class=”com_tag”>[<?php comment_date(‘m.d.y’); ?> | <?php comment_time(‘g:i A’); ?>]</font>
    <p class=”com_comment”><?php comment_text(); ?>

    how can set it up so that only the 5 latest comments show up on the page? i cant seem to find how in the codex.

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  • You need to enclose your code in backticks so that the board doesn’t try to render it.

    Regarding your question, I have no idea.

    Not sure if these are back ticks, but here you go. Pls can anyone help me.

    <font class="com_name">"><?php comment_author(); ?></font>
    <font class="com_tag">[<?php comment_date('m.d.y'); ?> | <?php comment_time('g:i A'); ?>]</font>
    <p class="com_comment"><?php comment_text(); ?>

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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