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    I’m trying to create a site so that I’ve got the blog on the bottom of the page, and I can figure this out for the index. When I create more pages, they’re treated like their own blogs, but really I just want another page to change the content on the top of my site, and I’d like to keep the blog at the bottom the same. How do i do this?

    Also, when I create more pages, am I going to need a template for each different page? They will all have the same layout, but the content on each page will be a little different.

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  • Depending on the theme, Pages typically use a different template than index.php so you’ll want to figure out what template your Pages are using then take the code from your index.php and put that in the appropriate Page template.

    Template Hierarchy
    Stepping Into Templates
    The Loop
    Editing Files

    I created a template and put my page under it, and the template I had was everything in my index.php. The header and footer came out fine, and the other content, but the blog part was just empty (because I don’t have any posts under this ‘page’) even though I had directly copied and pasted the index template to the page template.

    You cannot have posts “under Pages“. That’s your main problem. Don’t mix posts and Pages.
    Instead of thinking that you figured out the “how-to”… describe the end goal, WHAT do you want to achieve, and some good soul might tell you HOW.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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