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  1. Shamis
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hello WP community, im new to PHP, but I wanna customize my website as possible as I can and want :)

    So my question is, how do u you make to show your links by category?

    I will answer my questions myself: I know theres a function in links.php...i guess its called <?php> linksbyname(CAT_NAME); </?

    But i dont want that, i want to show my links by my posts category, NOT links category...because i have same category names on links and posts.

    For example, i have a category "Programming" and in every post from this category I want to show all links, that have the same category name!

    So i have tried to use <?php> the_category(,) </? for that....Aaandd, it doesnt work...i mean, practically it should work, but i dont know how to bind those two functions, i have tried to make like that.

    $cat_name = <?php> the_category(,) </?

    and then use it as <?php> linksbyname ($cat_name) </?

    It all doesnt work, so please help with PHP... :)

    PS: Blinx with random image header rules!!

  2. Shamis
    Posted 10 years ago #


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