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  • RagingPineapples


    Hi, I have a friend who’s working on a site in WordPress, and he’s asked me to help out as he knows little to no PHP.

    The template he’s using runs the wp_list_pages() function to list out the pages in a sidebar. However, his client wants some kind of multicoloured beans as icons next to each line.

    This is doable in CSS, but the beans would be naturally all the same colour. I suggested adding the <img> tag in the page name itself, and to my horror it actually worked. But it’s not ideal, as it requires any new pages to also have the HTML in their name (and kinda negates the purpose of using a CMS in the first place).

    So I’m looking through the code trying to find where WordPress actually generates the HTML for each line, so i can insert some images left of each one, in sequential order.

    Unfortunately decyphering wp_list_pages() just seems to link to an unending list of functions which point to other functions.

    Anyone know where I can find the right function?

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