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  • couldn’t find the information i’m looking for in the docs and in this forum so i thought i’ll give it a try:

    i’m having two categories: “default” and “events” and i’m using “default” for my everyday blog-entries and events for future dated events (like in an event calendar).

    i’d like “default” to show up on my home page like usual and “events” only to show up in the category page “events”. the problem is that my future-dated events don’t show up at all because they are, well, future-dated and wordpress won’t display them until it’s their time.

    i know there are plugins for this, so i tried EventCalendar 3.0.4 but still had problems: it displayed the events in my events list and in the events-category (as well as in my archive) BUT when i click on the title of an event wp tells me that the information i’m looking for does not exist. when i’m logged in i do see the entries (after clicking their headlines).

    has anyone any ideas how to “fix” this? maybe there is an easy solution i just don’t know about because i see this working in a lot of other wp blogs.

    thanks in advance for any help!

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