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  • i’d like to be able to have users post articles in certain categories and then display each category on a different div layer.
    in the top left of my site i have a graphical navigation bar. when a user clicks on one of the menu buttons, i have it set up to increase the z-index of its corresponding layer in the bottom left of the site, thus hiding all other layers.
    i’d like to be able to show only specific post categories for each layer. how can i do this?

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  • Man! this sounds involved. Can you provide more starting points to understand the problem and the desired solution.
    A link, an example, more verbose description, all that might help you find the solution. I figure a lot of people pass on this question because it is a little, shall I say, involved?

    thanks for the help so far, i think it’s putting me on the rigth track.
    the site itself is at right now it’s set up so that there’s a graphical menu in the upper left, and when you click on each of the menu buttons, it changes the src attribute of an iframe in the lower left to point to its corresponding html doc. originally i wanted to use wordpress to publish posts to different categories on different html docs, while showing all the headlines in the upper right area. i used to use a blog backend called News Publisher (, which used SSIs to dynamically include posts and headlines and such into the final html that a user would see client-side. it also allowed me to post different categories to different html docs by basically having different SSI calls from different pages. will what you folks are suggesting here do the same thing? does it do it more efficiently? is there a better way of doing this instead of setting up four or more different div layers and messing with their visibility?

    uh, make that
    no period at the end.

    Well I originally thought you were going to simply just call up the new div via z-index. If you were to actually do them all with Iframes there may lead to some complications with the way in which wordpress works. Specifically that it is not a static page format.

    which is why i will use the z-index method instead if that’s really the only way it’ll work.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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