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  • I think this is a theme question…

    How do I customize an index.php page [generally] so that the content of the post is displayed, and then under that, all the comments to that post are displayed in their entirety under that post?

    Also, this is for an offline WP installation, so there’s no chance of adding new comments to entries; I just need to find a way to display comments that have already been left on the site.

    THANKS for any help or ideas at all!!!

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  • Do you want to customise your index.php [generally] to display the entire post in its entirety then ALL comments directly after the entry for EACH POST ENTRY? If so, that’s going to be one hell of a long, long page 🙂

    OR …

    do you want to have your index page show only excerpts of ALL your posts, and when a user clicks on ONE post (continue reading…) he/she is taken to another page where the entire post is displayed and all comments are shown directly beneath?

    The first option. It will be a long page, but it’s not a visible site; what I’m trying to do is customize the index page to display pretty much everything so that I can print the entire thing out and have a full record of the blog.


    I’ve played around with this on some dummy files and I can generate all posts in their individual entirety on the main index.php but not the accompanying comments after each entry.

    This one is definitely for the gurus.

    Thanks for trying. Hopefully a guru out there can lend a little help… 🙂

    I am also interested in this functionality.

    I was looking for the same thing a while back and found my answer here:

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