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  • Ok so here is an example of what i want…

    Now if you scroll down. you see a “fresh stuff” section. and it shows the three recent blog posts. Can i do that with Word Press.?

    Also, how can i create my own header for my blog. like my own JPG from photoshop.?

    Thanks in Advanced. Foursquare Highschool is a church youth group which i am creating a site for, and we want to have a blog. (just a little bg)


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  • This provides the basics on how to WordPress-enable any PHP document:

    As for the header question, if you know how to use a graphics program then you can make a graphic for it. Much on the issue of dimensions, placement and whatnot depend on the design or theme of your blog, though. You may benefit from this Codex article on header design:

    ok so i got my header figured out, and setup. But i added the wordpress loop code to my index HTML of my original site, and all it did was show some of the code. it didnt give me my top 3 newest posts like the generationchurch website.? what am i doing wrong.

    Id like to have an upto date stream that shows the top 3 newest blog posts on my main page;

    thanks everyone~!

    You don’t need to go ahead and fiddle with PHP if you’re not comfortable with it. Another option is to usee rss2html which will allow you to return, say 3, RSS items from your blog and have the output added to your page as HTML.

    I’ve done this on mymacbookpro as it shows the 5 most recent stories from my tech and VoIP blogs. Is that something that you’re wanting to get done?

    To expand on phiali’s advice, a regular HTML document (.htm, html) is usually not parsed for PHP on a server. So your options are to change it to a .php file, or use an external tool to pull the posts in through RSS, as phiali pointed out.

    aight so i got the rss2html free download. but im not sure what i do with it? its an html, and then a php document.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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