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  • Plugin Author brasofilo


    Hi, jh0nnyrosa,
    I cannot reproduce the same error.
    Probably this is a conflict with another plugin or with the theme.

    Did you use Audio Tube before or is this your first installation?

    thanks for the feedback!

    Thanks for the reply brasofilo, maybe that happens because the blog is on maintenance mode?

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    That would be strange…

    But did this started to happen suddenly? Or after entering in maintenance, or after WP update, other plugins update?

    i’ve tested it without maintenance, same problem. Its a new WP installation, last version, ive not used this plugin before.

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    Just installed it in a new site that I did a few days ago and it works ok..

    Are there any Javascript errors in the browser console?

    I can only think that this is a conflict with another plugin or with the theme… The normal troubleshooting is disable all other plugins and swap the theme, as described in this official guide.

    Audio Tube is a very simple plugin, basically a YouTube embed resized to show only the Control Bar… I’d recommend finding where is the origin of this issue (the other plugin or theme), because it may give you troubles with other plugins…

    i cant try that right now cause i have to get all site content back asap, but ill do this test and post here, the other plugin apparently works normal, the theme im using is pinboard btw. Thanks for your atention.

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    Depending on your plugin list, I could try to simulate.

    Nonetheless, I’d appreciate the feedback, thanks!

    plugin list:

    404 redirect
    better wp security
    broken link cheker
    cms tree page view
    dp maintenance mode lite
    fast secure contact form
    feedburner feedsmith extend
    google analyticator
    google xml sitemaps
    links manager
    mini twitter feed
    nrelate related content
    P3 (plugin performance profiler)
    regenerate thumbnails
    simple image widget
    simple local avatars
    theme check
    ultimate tinyMCE
    user role editor
    video thumbnails
    wordpress editoral calendar
    wordpress importer
    wordpress SEO
    wp youtube lyte (used it to replace audio tube)

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    big list o_O
    and very good too 😉

    but, well, I downloaded it, and it is pinboard that’s producing the bug :-?¿

    <strike>Didn’t count on that, seems a CSS rule overriding AT display…</strike>

    The theme resizes via jQuery all Vimeo, YouTube and Kickstarter objects in the page to

    position: absolute;
             top: 0;
             left: 0;
             width: 100%;
             height: 100%;

    So, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

    got it, so i cant solve that without mess up my theme’s code?

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    Well, the script is fitvids.js and it’s only used to resize all those sources to that values.

    It’s being enqueued in the function pinboard_register_scripts.

    You can deregister or dequeue it in the child theme functions.php or using a functionality plugin.

    so i add somthing like that to my functions php?

    add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘pinboard_register_scripts’ );

    function pinboard_register_scripts()
    if( something to tell that audio tube is on page )
    // etc

    sry im not a coder so this is a bit dificult to me

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    The callback name has to be unique:

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'your_prefix_deregister_scripts' );
    function your_prefix_deregister_scripts()
    	if( has_shortcode( 'audiotube' ) )

    And the handy has_shortcode function that I just found here :))

    Thank you very very much, i’ll try this as soon as i can 😀

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    Gostei de ter aprendido o truque has_shortcode
    Saudações 😛

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