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  • paulcude


    I’d really like to put just some plain white text across the Showcase sidebar on the homepage below the Header. I’ve only started creating my site this week, and while not really familiar with WordPress, I think I’ve kind of got my head round it. However, I don’t seem to be able to do this. If I create a page and select Showcase sidebar from the drop down menu and then preview…it does exactly what I want..white text all the way across under header and above blog posts and standard sidebar. However..if I just disappears all together. Dragging any of the widgets in to the Showcase sidebar don’t show up anything at all. You can drag the widgets there, set them up, but they don’t seem to appear. As well, and this might be part of the problem..In pages, I don’t seem to have a home page, which I thought I should probably have. The site is located at
    Any help would be much appreciated, as I feel this last little tweak would really finish my site off. Just to let you know, I’m by no means a novice with websites, checkout my book one which I built from scratch but I have no experience with coding or anything like that. I almost feel like I haven’t turned the Showcase sidebar on, but I’ve tried everything I can think off.
    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

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