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    I have been asked by a client to quote for a site that will showcase all their products. For some unknown reason, they do not want “add to cart” functionality for another year but want to be able to “enable it” without any majors changes/updates to the site at that time.

    For this reason I suggested putting all the “add to cart” functionality in place now but to have the site in “Showcase” mode like you can with Zen Cart, Opencart etc.

    Is this possible with WP e-Commerce?

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  • Yes, you can just remove the add to cart button, also worth looking at this plugin which is useful for customers to send their information, also comes with an easy option to turn off the add to cart button

    The plugin mentioned by nicknack looks very useful, email enquiry button is a great addition but if you just want not add to cart button though that is a simple setting. You go to Settings/Store/Presentation Tab and check “Hide “Add to cart” button:”

    Thank you both for your replies, exactly what I needed to know. Much appreciated.

    Store URL:
    WordPress version:3.6.1
    WP e-Commerce version:
    Gold Cart version: no

    I did this: standard routine : install, configure, update, revise,

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this: display as expected

    Instead it did this: the issue is the “purchase button” graphic is missing.. on all the products/. does not matter if ‘add to cart’ or otherwise is enabled. the page is just goofie lookin’ … thanks !

    did you upgrade an old WP e-Commerce install?

    i don’t remember the first install, but yes. ancient, first-release i think…

    If you look in the site via FTP you will see a folder that is left over from the old install. It needs to be deleted as it is not needed and has files that interfere.
    or you could just rename it if you are worried about deleting
    The folder is wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes

    found a folder named ‘ …wp-e-commerce/wpsc-theme ‘ ; moved this to a local temp dir . . crashed the marketplace. there is no folder marked ‘theme ‘ … un-doing change . . any other thoughts?

    oh- and my product page has some artifacts relating to ‘ zeo-this-and-that ‘ under each product. cannot seem to remove them . . .

    have you copied any WP e-Commerce theme files to the twenty twelve directory? In you header.php file it is loading this

    wpsc-iShop.css should not be loaded and should not exist. Your site is looking for the buy button graphic in the old theme folder, which is why I asked about them.
    It is looking here

    no – i do not believe i manually ftp’d any e-commerce files to any directory . . . okay – found folder named ‘themes’ .. at ‘ … wp-content/themes ‘ i have not been advised to copy wp e commerce files anywhere before . . . shall i remove : ?? copy theme files ?

    removed ‘wpsc-iShop.css’ .. better . . there is a ‘broken link’ in the button area, and , finally, text image ‘add …. cart’ . . . this is a start. thank you . I will do some housecleaning, research a ‘clean install’ and maybe do so. thank you. -wp

    good luck. do not remove the wp-content/themes folder that is the main WordPress themes folder. If you still need help let me know. I could take a look for you.

    That css link got into the header some how, which makes me think you have some old files somewhere. There is a “Move Template files” button on Settings/Store/Presentation tab, might you have clicked that?

    I just remembered where those theme files are! They are in a weird spot, it has given me and many others trouble before and I forgot.
    Look in “wp-content/uploads/wpsc folder”. You should find a folder named “themes” there. Move everything out of that to somewhere say on your computer.

    yes . clikked ‘move template files’ button a few times in the past. . it seemed to do ‘something’ way back when …
    ok. renamed ‘themes’ and the formatting (fonts, etc) got skewed. . . there’s another folder named ‘theme backup’ . . with ‘wpsc-iShop.css’ file . . renamed that folder . . put back ‘themes’ . . the ‘purchase’ button still has the ‘broken’ pic, but there is ‘add … cart’ in the middle. … ok for now.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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