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    How do I make my front page look like the one pictured in the thumbnail of this theme? I.e. the different posts on the main page with feature images

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    I just realized I forgot to do a tutorial on my site for that specifically, but did create one for the boxed images (which is what you see on the front page demo:

    The tutorial for the boxed images is here:

    In the tutorial, it shows an <h5> heading but the demo site has <h4> instead, and without the small text added like the demo has.

    Hi, where in the editor would you insert the code? I’m trying to have that same layout in my front page with right columns. Thank you!

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    Actually you would be adding it to a text widget and use a widget position such as Top 1 (which is what I did for the demo site. You could put it into a page if you want instead of a widget, in which case you would paste it in your page editor on the “Text” tab of your editor.


    I am confused. I am following your instructions, however, how do I get the widget position “Top 1” onto the first page/homepage of my website?

    Furthermore, how do I put my header image on a page other than my homepage?

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    Not all “page templates” have all widget positions available. However, the one I used which does contain the extra widget positions, such as Top 1, is the Front Page Full Widgets Only. So you would want to assign one of the front page templates to your front page.

    For the header image on other pages, but not the front, use the Showcase widget position, then use a text widget to load an image using html <img… > to do that. If you are using Jetpack, which has the ability to show widgets on select pages, you can use that, otherwise if you don’t have Jetpack installed, I recommend checking out the Dynamic Widgets plugin (which is what my Pro version uses on the demo site). Either of these options will give you a better way to assign widgets to select pages (i.e.: your header image on other pages).


    How do I put posts on a page like on the demo site? Right now, when I post it shows up on my homepage…following that, how do I create the “Continue Reading…” format so that my whole post does not show on that particular page?


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    I did the home page with the Front Page Full Width Widgets only template, then the Call to Action is a widget with a title and the content below the title is using an <h2> wrapped text and then published to the Call To Action widget position.

    Your posts show up on the front page because you need to do what is called a Static Front Page:

    This is how I did it for the demo site. For the Continued Reading, this is a WordPress function, which this version is very similar but will give you a good idea how this is done:

    Add Read More

    I am not fully understanding how to edit my front page. I do not have the option to make amends to it because it is not listed under “Pages.” I installed a child theme, however, in case I would need to make changes. (Sorry, still new to this)

    I followed your directions and I understand the “static page” part. However, when I go to make my Front Page a static page, it has a drop down box that says Front Page: “select” but my homepage is not an option.

    How do I make changes to my homepage? I do not want it to show my blog. Currently, both my home page and my blog page are showing my posts.

    I think I am not understanding the widget parts…is there some type of tutorial on that or could you better clarify how to add and edit these widgets for my different pages.

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    If both your blog and front page (home) are showing posts, then something is definitely odd.

    In a nutshell, you create two pages:

    1. Page 1 – Name it anything, but this will be your front page
    2. Page 2 – This is the one for the blog

    Go to Settings >. Reading and then select “a static page” and in each dropdown, select the pages you made for each.

    By the way, I’m assuming you seen these tutorials?

    As for a tutorial for the widgets on the front page of my demo, there’s two methods, one that I used on the demo site but the second one is a bit easier.

    Each widget on the front page can go into the Top 1 widget position, then the other in Top 2, top 3, and top 4 (if you want to use all 4).

    To get you started, here is code from the demo that you can use as a guide. I put this into a text widget:

    <div class=”thumbnail”>

    <img alt="" src="" />
    <div class="caption">
    <h4>Exceptional Good Looks</h4>
    <p>Encounters is simply great in every way possible. Whether you are running a blog or a professional business website, you will look absolutely stunning!</p>

    Just change my content above for your own and the path to your thumbnail you want to use. Then for the next widget, copy & paste the code again for each.

    Hi again,

    Sorry for being annoying but I have another question. I want to add my header image to another page of mine. The directions you gave me above applied if I wanted my header image to be on other pages and not my homepage.

    I want my header image to remain on my homepage, however, I also want it to show on my “Contact Me” page, which is my last page.

    How do I do that?

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    This should really be a new topic…

    However, You will want to use a text widget to load the image or slider with shortcode. Then there’s a few options:

    1. If you are using the Jetpack plugin, at the bottom of the widgets, it adds the ability to show widgets on select pages, just as you are wanting.

    2. Use the Dynamic Widgets plugin to do the same as above (I use this)

    Basically you need a plugin to achieve that result, otherwise the default way with WordPress is to show it on all pages or none. The WordPress Header method won’t have that capability.

    Okay yes, I was able to figure it out. I have both Dynamic Widgets and JetPack installed but used the Jetpack visibility tool.

    One more question, how do I get widgets to appear at the bottom of my website? Where the footer menu would be and where the “Copyright…” is. On the demo site it has “Latest Posts, etc” at the bottom of the site page.

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    Those are the Bottom 1, 2, 3, and 4 widget positions.

    so You give away a wordpress theme that looks a certain way, but then you charge for the tutorials to get the look and feel of the theme that was downloaded for free? what the world is that about?

    the theme has 4 images/columns on the home page – that’s what people are downloading it for.

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    Tutorials are free and accessible for the public off my site’s Support page (no registration required) from the button under the “Lite Theme Setup”. The button there takes you to Free Theme Documentation

    I think what you are referring to is the Pro version of the theme which is accessible from the same page but under the Pro Theme Setup (this is the one that is for the commercial version).

    Did you have a question relating to the front page image boxes that I can help you with?

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