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  • Hello –

    I’m parsing my RSS feed into a flash website. I’ve got it working great, accept for YouTube embedded video links – the embedded link pulls nothing. This happens with both <iframe> and <embed> tags.

    And this happens accessing the straight feed in a browser – the embedded link doesn’t work and shows nothing.

    In wordpress I’ve tried setting up the theme functions.php for posting thumbs, which works, and shows thumbs of post images in the RSS feed just fine, but doesn’t pull the video player.

    I’ve also tried using Actionscript 3 API codes that would work pulling the video player into flash directly, to see if just having the api code in the post would parse in the flash swf, but used in a wordpress blog of course actionscript code does nothing, so still nothing.

    Is this even possible? Any ideas /tips would be much appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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