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    I am new to the WordPress word and though I would start with a mega project to learn fast – actually we are forced to upgrade and I am responsible 🙂

    We want to migrate a page with 20 static pages and 100+ post and growing. Plus we want to add LearnDash, Woocommerce and a Forum/Budyboss (last one sometime in the future).

    You can imaging that given with only LD we hit 11 plugins and that all together we are at around 30 plugins to run the basics (i.e. just 4 additional for Woocommerce).

    LearnDash support suggested to build a separate page for woocommerce and LearnDash. But we want to show the woocommerce products (digital and physical – not just LD) on the blogs and static pages and would like to see a seamless transition between the domains/pages/or however we build it.

    I can’t find any documentation if it is possible to show products on one domain from another. Can you please point me to some readings?

    Or if you have any experience with this (or more than 30 plugins), I’d love to hear from you, how to best build this?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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