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    I am new to the WordPress world and need to migrate and extend our page.

    We want to migrate a page with 20 static pages and 100+ post and growing. Plus we want to add LearnDash, Woocommerce and a Buddyboss.

    We will be selling 10 physical products and 15 courses (at the moment).

    You can imaging that with those 3 big parts plus some SEO, Elementor, Astra, Security, and a few other support plugins we very quickly hit over 30 plugins. And I believe that 20 is the standard that should not be exceeded.

    Only with LD we hit 11 plugins (to make the courses amazing) and 4 we need for Woocommerce.

    LearnDash support suggested to build a separate page for woocommerce and LearnDash. But we want to show the woocommerce products (digital and physical) on the blogs and static pages and would like to see a seamless transition between the domains/pages/or however we build it.

    I can’t find any documentation if it is possible to show products from one domain on another. Can you please point me to some readings?

    Or if you have any experience with this (or more than 30 plugins), I’d love to hear from you, how to best build this (if one domain is enough, or split it 2, or even 3 with buddyboss)?

    Thank you!

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    I understand that you’d like to show products from your site on another.

    With WooCommerce by default, there is no mechanism allowing this. Even sharing products to Facebook requires quite complex integration with the Facebook system that is handled by the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

    WooCommerce comes with external products but then again I’m not aware of a way to show products from one WooCommerce store on another WooCommerce store. Even the product feed functionality is fairly limited.

    You could try using an iframe on the other site, however, there’s a good chance that the payment will fail and quite a bit of code customization will be required in order to make this work.

    To add more insights here, you could try using a plugin such as Woo MultiStore that advertises the functionality to sync stock and products across several WooCommerce sites.

    For assistance with the third-party plugin, you will want to directly contact the plugin authors via their contact page:

    In terms of maintaining the site, having everything on one installation of WordPress seems like it would make the most sense, and would solve your problem with displaying products everywhere you want them. However, the more plugins you have, the more likely you are to run into plugin conflicts with updates, and that would be a headache to debug. You should plan on having a staging site to test updates before going live with them.

    I suggest considering some options that would prevent you from being limited by the 20-plugins you’re shooting for.

    For example, you could look at the following options that might allow you to run everything together:

    • a dedicated server with plenty of resources for what you need
    • or a cloud-based server that would scale based on your resource needs and traffic
    • or running your database on a different server than the one on which you host the WordPress files (some hosts do this routinely) since MySQL is one of the major resource-hogs with WordPress
    • picking a web host that offers security solutions that make it unnecessary to run a full-featured security plugin
    • make sure you include a caching plugin like WP Super Cache and a CSS/Javascript optimizing plugin like Autoptimize in the planning for your WordPress install
    • use WEBP format for all your images to make them as small as possible

    If I were you, I think I’d contact a few reputable web hosts that offer shared, dedicated, wordPress, and cloud hosting, tell them what you want to do, give them an estimate of your monthly traffic, and ask them what solution they offer that would handle it. Some even offer automatic staging sites with WordPress, eliminating yet another plugin, and most have a 30-day free trial. If they have a common control panel, you can export your setup and move it to another host if it doesn’t work out.

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    Thank you both for your input!
    I am putting all into one package and talked with the hosting company, about options and am confident, that if I run into issues I can just move to a more performant plan.

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    Great! Thank you for letting us know.

    If you have further questions, feel free to create a new thread.


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