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  • Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    I am thinking about adding a template and filters to the plug-in so this may be possible.

    Hi there,

    just one question.
    Is it possible to combine 2 oder more parameters to show more or less?
    And if “yes”, than how?

    Ex: I like to show a list of our “authors” AND their username with the avatars…

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    yes we can can combine the show options

    [authoravatars roles=administrator user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_email=true show_biography=true show_postcount=true show_bbpress_post_count=true order=display_name,asc]

    demo here :

    I only show the display name (as the username is part of the login) but you can filter just author via roles

    Use the Helper in the tinyMCE editor to create the shortcode


    It works !
    Thanks a lot for help and this great plugin 🙂

    Thomas from Lichtkrone network

    Hi Paul

    Thanks, i got your response that you are adding a template and filters but currently if someone was working on tight schedule there is no way to implement it. This site (caution site has nude image) is using your plugin and this has been implemented. Please assist.

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    no the right filter are not in place all I can suggest is same ajax to walk the page and call back to update the content

    there a number of flitters in the code like “aa_user_template” but I don’t have fliter wrapping the output that also pass’s the user object so you can extend it.

    Coming soon!!!

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    I have added the user object to the “aa_user_template” filter on the dev version of the code

    not tested but you welcome to install and work with it

    Hi Paul. I have taken alot of time trying to figure out how i can achieve this but i have failed. I downloaded the version at github as you said and i don’t know how i can be able to display avatars and the name plus one extra field of my choice Example DANIEL as name and CITY. Please would you be more simpler in your explanation so i can try to understand. I am not a pro in php or ajax editing.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    got the the ping let me see what I can do

    Hi @paul thanks i will really appreciate. I have created some custom fields using xprofile and i want to be able to display the default avatar name and say location captured using the xprofile created fields. In my Visual studio and SQL experience i am sure its possible to select from the two tables using user id then if the shortcode has show name it will concatenate the two fields with a separator like space or “|” . I am not a PHP guy but i know it is possible.

    Hi Guys i need to include the xprofiledata colums in this querry where xprofiledata userid = $wpdb->users user id and xprofiledata field_id=4

    $query = “SELECT user_id, user_login, display_name, user_email, user_url, user_registered, meta_key, meta_value FROM $wpdb->users, $wpdb->usermeta”.
    ” WHERE ” . $wpdb->users . “.ID = ” . $wpdb->usermeta . “.user_id AND “. $blogs_condition . ” AND user_status = 0″.$roleQuery;

    Any help will be appreciated

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    I will try to create some docs to help

    Hi Pbearne, will this ever be possible really ?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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