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  • Hi,

    I want to use the user data to show it on other field after he type it.

    For example, I using the multi step for contact form.
    And on the next step, I want to use the user name and show him:

    Hi {name},
    Now please add your birth date etc..

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    another example is:

    When user types his first name and last name

    I want to show them on the acceptance field.

    For example:

    My name is {first name} {last name}, I declare that I agree to the terms of use of the site

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    Yes I know that I can ask to write js code for me.
    But I don’t want use js for this purpose.

    I prefer php or plugin.

    The pro plugin is not exactly what I need.

    Yes I want to show it, but not on a “summary step”.
    I just to use it on the next step, even twice or more.

    @biznext If you stay on the same page without reloading, then you can’t do this in PHP, since the PHP code is executed on the server, i.e. before you have the response to the first question. (Such Javascript may have been written not by you and put in an add-on, of course.)
    In my understanding, that kind of functionality is not included in CF7.

    If you have a multi-page experience, where one first submits a page with the response to question one and then next page is shown, then this could all be coded in PHP, but then you’d probably be talking more about some other type of plugin, like LMS (Learning Management System), or quiz, etc. CF7 (in my understanding) is more about filling out a form and send it to email in one shot.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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