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  • I’ve just moved my blog to a new ISP server and all seems to have gone well other than my Reading option seems to have broken.
    I have “Show the most recent: 1 days” set but am seeing 2 days’ worth of posts.
    If I change the number of days, say to 3, I get days set + 1 (i.e. 4). If I change it to show 1 single post it works fine. But I want 1 day! It is a multi-user blog and will become quite busy and I really want to keep on displaying just today’s posts on the main page.
    Can anybody help? I am running 1.2 Mingus and it worked perfectly up until now.

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  • What happens if you set it to zero days?

    Ah. I set it to 0 days and got 0+1=1.
    Until I made another post and then got no posts at all.
    Interestingly th eproblem seems to have fixed itself with the later posting and am now working on the principle that the previous last posting caused some kind of blip.
    I am worried though that I have a database error or a plug in conflict as there was some kind of interplay between the page post listings and another plugin – the Page Navigation 1.2 GaMerZ plugin.
    Oddly, when I set days to more than 1 (when the listings were broken) the Page Navigation links vanished. They worked OK when I set it to 1 days (but was getting 2 days posts)
    I think the technical term for what we have here is a “b*ll*king mess”
    I dislike unexplained problems that go away on their own ….

    That is strange, I set it to one day in the dashboard and it displayed ALL my posts.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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