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  • Hi is there a way to showcase summary’s of my products subpages into the mainpage named products and services.
    I made a main page “products & services” and subpages for those services and products. In the mainpage I don’t want to talk about the products & services but want to place a summary of those pages.

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  • Link to site?

    Is this Summary something you will generate as a static page, or do you see the content changing dynamically?

    Seen any sites doing what you want?

    No didn’t saw similar page yet.
    Mostly many sites write about their services in the main page and then refer to the sub pages, maybe I just need to skip my idea and write like others do.

    I’m all for innovation but need to ‘see’ the Vision you have!

    You mean like this? I used Customizr’s underlying bootstrap 2.3.2 scaffolding for the layout and good’ol’ html for links to detail pages.

    And you can, of course see the html by viewing the page source in your browser.

    Yes ElectricFeet, that’s a concept I like. Any tips or instructions or documentary?
    @ rdellconsulting, this is a good example.
    Could not show my site yet because it’s under construction.

    Copy the source—from <h2>High-quality new leather chairs</h2> to <p><!-- ***************END OF ROW OF CONTENT****************** --></p><hr />—into a WP page and play around. See also here and the other link I gave above if you need to do fancy layouts.

    oke thanks. If it worked and when my site is online I’ll give a update

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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