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  • I think this plug-in is a great addition to woocommerce.

    How do I display the subcategories of a category instead?

    It is common to have a main category eg: Author, Artist, Toolboxes
    And Subcategories: Author -> Ben, Mike, Julie
    Artists -> Kylie, Tammy, Tom
    Toolboxes -> Metal box, 3 layered-box, Anti-rust box

    How do I toggle it or, alter the script so that the product archive will display the subcategory of that particular category.
    Eg: Type: Anti-rust box, 3 layered-box
    or Authored by: Mike
    or Created by: Kylie, Tammy

    Instead of just showing the main categories which usually is too general, or usually a product can be of various category say for a song. This is what shows up when I enable the product category:

    Artists, Kylie, Tammy, Producer, John, Music Company, Warner, Genre, Pop, Instrumental, Country, Australia, Year, 1993, Instruments, Digeridoo, Flute, Keyboard.

    It looks messy and and the list is just far too many. I would rather like the ability to pick a main category eg: Artist. And then it will just show only the name of the artists which is within the category of Artists, eg: Tammy, Mike.

    A nice short click able list. And I can use alter the code a bit on the echo codes by add By: or Genre: etc.


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