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[Resolved] Show related images – on existing posts?

  • Hello,
    I’ve just installed NextGEN and I thought I could tag existing posts, and then tag a specific gallery, with the same tag, and using the “show related images on posts” option, that NextGEN would append an image to a matching tag on a post?

    I tried it but nothing happened.

    Am I misunderstanding? Is it only looking for a post with an existint image whose tag matches?

    Is there a way that I can use this plugin to add images to my posts that do not have any images?

    Thank you for any help!


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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @robg48 – Do you have the options set correctly here: Gallery > Other Options > Image Options … Show Related Images on Posts? set to Yes; and, the options under the (Show Customization Settings) link set as well?

    – Cais.

    Helo Cais,

    Yes, I have that all set as you indicated – you can double check at this link:


    I have one gallery titled “ehr” and every pic in that gallery is tagged with “ehr” . Then I have a posts category called “ehr” and I tagged 200 posts in there with the same exact tag – “ehr” and none are showing any images.

    Thanks for your response!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @robg48 – I just visited you site and the images are showing as broken … are you experiencing other issues on the site as well?

    – Cais.

    Hey Cais,

    No – those few, on the front page, I broke on purpose. I was testinng another plugin to add images to my existing posts.

    The other plugin works but it will take ALL my images and randomly attach them to ALL my posts (it’s called “random post thumbnail”).

    I was hoping to use NextGEN to target the images to matching, tagged, posts.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @robg48 – If I am understanding what you want to do, you should be able to accomplish that with NextGEN Gallery … would you mind submitting a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ … please reference this topic) so we can try to help you sort this out.

    We will most likely need log in credentials (and possibly FTP credentials) for your WordPress installation. Please include those with the Bug Report, too.


    – Cais.

    Thanks Cais – will do.

    Oustanding support – some of the best support ever experienced for a free version of a plugin!!!

    We troubleshot the problem, got it working enough for me to realize that the way the plugin was posting the images wasn’t what I had in mind. Evidently not many, if any, others were trying to use it in that particular way.

    So, when I saw how it was placing the image and realized it wouldn’t be what I needed I told Cais, at NextGEN, that we didn’t need 100% solution to this issue.

    But they dug deep and got right on it, logged into my site – which I rarely let anyone do – and no problems at all.

    Strongly recommend this plugin – if there’s anyone out there that is still not using it! 🙂


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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