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  • I don’t understand why WP 1.5 lets you nest categories in parent categories, but then in the “categories” menu it displays them all inline, with no particular logic?

    Like if I make a category called “Pictures” and then a child category “Dogs” it should show this in the “categories” menu:

    Category 1
    Category 2
    Category 3
    . . Category 3.1

    but instead it looks like this:
    Category 2
    Category 3.1
    Category 3
    Category 1

    you know what I mean?

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  • As to the styling problem, I know exactly what you mean. I am looking for a way to style each level differently in the stylesheet. I would like to have a different image background for each category level in the list. That is different from what you want. However, if someone can solve my problem, it will solve yours. If it is possible to style each level differently, you can place whatever indentation you want in the css.

    exactly, why would they bother making “parent” and child categories if this feature wasn’t built in? maybe it’s just me or us, I dunno, seems silly.

    I know these are a pain, but help is here. There is a very simple explanation of the nested lists in the Codex. In fact, there is a bunch and ever growing bunch of information related to styling with CSS in the Codex at that should also help.

    Lorelle, the styling solutions in that first link you presented is what I currently use. It works, but it is messy. I thought CSS was supposed to look cleaner than have a bunch of ul li ul li ul li selectors for a nested list. Isn’t there a better solution?

    gleem, you also have a sort order problem, beyond the styling problem. Try <?php wp_list_cats('optionall=0&sort_column=name'); ?> to get the right sort order.

    gonna read that link 5 more times before I call it a day. Wow, was hoping for something simpler, and call me a newb (I’m not) but that’s seems overly complicated for a simple thing.

    thanx for the link though, I’ll eventually figure it out

    And the problem might not be WordPress, and in fact, probably isn’t. Have you checked the CSS related to your list? The way the list looks is controlled by the CSS.

    If the margins are set to zero, then they will line up like that. If they are set to ul ul {margin-left: 10px} you will suddenly find them indented. If not, try ul ul ul to make sure they aren’t in nested template tags.

    Some of the tags for listing Pages and Categories, etc., are set to be used like:

    <?php TEMPLATE TAG; ?>

    And others are set to be:

    <?php TEMPLATE TAG; ?>

    With the UL included in the Tag parameters. So you might have to experiment. I usually color the font differently for the different nested items in the CSS and then see what turns what color and then fix the line up and remove the rainbow color references.

    This makes sense for those who don’t want to mess with the layout, but it can wreck havoc with those who want to dig into the code.

    <?php wp_list_cats('optionall=0&sort_column=name'); ?>

    Took me a bit, but it makes sense.

    List categories
    Do you want to list all of them – 0=YES (1=NO)
    How do you want to sort them? By name or ID – choice=name

    See, it makes sense if you just ignore the ampersands.

    And it is much more helpful than the construct for this tag:

    <?php list_cats(FALSE, '', 'ID',
    'asc', '', TRUE, FALSE,
    '', '', '1,33,43,61,74,101,456',
    TRUE); ?>

    That one will have even the bravest up at night trying to figure out. It’s right out of my site!

    pezastic, I Don’t see how categories have any clue in what way they are to be ordered except by their ID, which I Suspect is the main problem of the side menu deal.

    I mean, we can order links, but not categories? Surely categories are more important in a site of content.. no?

    peza, I assume by my little knowledge of PHP that your little plug there just orders em alphabetically?

    Lorelle, you’re right, except all my categories, sub cats or not just get spit out as “li” , did I miss a way to tell the script to pop em out as a different class or something?

    This is how.

    And this is where you learn how to make the choice to either have them in LI lists or not.

    If you have them in UL/LI lists, you have more control over how they look. If you don’t, then they will just sit there, all even with the left margin.

    What I would really like is a way to manually order them, is there a way to manually type in the category order in the php file?

    Did you click on the links I just gave you? They tell you, step by step, how to do this. Check out the page for more information on other parts of your lists. And read through the article on the Codex that will explain EVERYTHING to you in graphic detail. I helped write it, so I know that it has all the answers.

    LOL, sorry man I didn’t see it, I still have to read it 3 more times to digest it.

    k, read all the sections under the “Category Tags” and didn’t see any of them that said something along these lines:

    “To display a specific category ID use this:”

    maybe we are misunderstanding eachother, this is what I need to do in my sidebar:

    a version of this tag: <?php wp_list_cats(); ?> that would only display one of my categories by id, so I can do this:

    <?php show category ID=7; ?>
    <?php show category ID=1; ?>
    <?php show category ID=5; ?>

    because I want to list em in my order, not alphabetical or in numerical ID order.

    If I missed how to do this in thatr template tags page, I guess I am a tard 🙂

    If you had read the specific tags I pointed you to, you would have found this example:

    <?php wp_list_cats('sort_column=name&optioncount=1&exclude=10, 15'); ?>

    It says, list the categories sorted alphabetically by name (not ID), show the number of the posts within each category (shown as (3) after the category – if you want it), and then exclude categories 10 and 15. This is if you don’t want the specific categories.

    If you are not excluding any, then use:

    <?php wp_list_cats('sort_column=name&optioncount=1'); ?>

    If you don’t want the list in alphabetical order by name, or sorted by ID, then you have a more complicated problem. If your blog is totally new, this isn’t a stressor. If it isn’t and filled with tons of old posts all in dozens of categories, cry with me.

    Okay, so if it is new, then simply go to your Admin screen MANAGE > Categories and delete them all and start over, entering them in the specific order you want them to appear. Now, there is a trick to this. I can’t remember right now, but if you do this, they should be removed from the database and the new ones should start with ID numbers of 1, 2, 3. But it might not happen because the database needs to have the ID numbers of the categories be unique, so it might start numbering them 6, 7, 8, but either way, they will be in a numbered sequence so that category 1, would be 6, category 2 would be 7, and so on.

    Does that help?

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