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    Dear All,
    I have managed to show Pre-Built HTML inside WordPress using the EzStatic plug-In. It works in two ways –
    1) As links i.e. Blogroll calls.
    2) Include a hyperlink to the html file in the blog post and then the user has to click on the link in the post.

    In both the above scenario the user is taken to the HTML page which apprears with the WordPress theme. But what I’m missing is that WordPress functions like comments, etc. It just show the HTML page with the sidebars, header and footer.

    Im looking for a solution where the pre-built html shows in the blog posts automatically without the user cliking on the HTML-hyperlink along with the features like comments.

    Is it possible to do that? If so how.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you


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  • rboatright


    Comments are associted in the database with POSTS.

    If the user clicks on a static html page, which is displayed inside a frame, so that the outer frame is your wordpress blog, there is no post in the database to associate the external html with, so no place to comment.

    I suppose what you could do is create a post, and in the html for the post, insert an iframe, and that iframe would have your external content in it, but the comments would be on the post, so the post would look something like:

    I thought you mightbe interested in this:
    [external page in iframe]
    if so comment below…

    which would give you a post to hang comments off of.

    the code would look something like this:

    <p>this is a test</p>
    <iframe width="100%" src="">
    <p>and that was it</p>


    Wow, such a simple solution – solves most of my problems. Now I do not need EzStatic plugin anymore(its useful for blogrolls though).

    Thank you so much. Your help was very much appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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