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  • I have three parents categories – 1, 3, 18
    under 3 i have about 10 sub-categories, under 1 is none
    under 18 i have about 10 sub-categories..
    here’s what I want to do,
    I want to show only categories 1, and 3 on main page
    but on another page, i only want to show categories 18
    i tried editing index.php of main and included $cat=”1,3,-18″ which did the job but shows entire posts under those two categories, I only want it to show maximum of 4 categories. (half success) is there anyway to limit the number of posts ?
    then I tried editing index.php of other page, and put $cat=”-1,-3,18″ which did nothing, then tried $cat=”-1,-3″, did nothing either, $cat=”18″, works but shows entire posts again.
    how do i limit number of posts shown ? I can limit them without $cat=” ” line, but can’t with it.
    Thank you,

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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