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    Here’s a request to re-integrate post/page IDs; for CMS designers, this is a must and I had to look long and hard to find out that hovering on the page title in Manage/Posts or Pages would show it in my browser.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    While I agree with you in principle, in practice I don’t think it’s a particularly big deal. Using the page and post names is a better way to go. The name, in both cases, is what is used for the permalink (when using pretty permalinks). You don’t often need the actual ID.

    Or maybe I’m wrong. What do you use the ID for?



    Otto: for Link Categories and Post Categories, the codex is filled with functions that allow you to output data or formulate queries based on specific ID numbers. Even something as simple as a custom category template requires the format of category-##.php where ## equals the category ID number.

    In 2.5, these ID’s have been removed from admin view, and now those who use these functions have to rely on mouseovers, status/url address bars, or viewing raw MySQL tables just to obtain the ID’s.

    From where I sit, I respectfully disagree with your assessment — I think it is indeed a big deal.



    I concur completely with Rongo. Please show ID’s for Posts, Pages and Categories at least somewhere. It would make life so much easier. If it’s not in the release, I will end up hacking/adjusting the code for sure.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I put this into trac, something will likely get done, but whether it makes it into 2.5 or not is up in the air at this point.



    Thanks Otto. Hopefully the developers won’t blow it off as the responsibility of a plugin developer — a third party who has no obligation to the community to keep things updated.

    If they refuse to provide the ID overviews again, they ought to at least revise the codex to say that users need to use mouseovers, status bars or address bar links to get the ID since it is no longer revealed in the admin areas.



    +1 for ids, definitely needed, and they don’t take that much space after all anyway



    I agree, coming at WordPress as a ‘simple’ user who uses lots of static pages, I still need to know the page ID – how else do I exclude certain pages in the pages widget? And why would the widget give me the option of excluding by page ID if there is no way I can find it? (the hovering over the title thing isn’t working for me … could someone please clarify?)



    +1 for visible IDs. For one, the Template Tag, wp_list_pages() uses only IDs as a means of including / excluding those pages to list. And it’s a powerful and helpful tag.

    But hey, this _is_ an RC and not a final release, so all’s forgiven and lovely (but pretty please to getting the ID’s visible again before 2.5) — thanks one and all.

    PS: Hover over does not work for me either. However, if you view the source of the Manage, Pages page, each pages row has several references to its ID. Or, if you click the Pages’ name, you go to the editor and it’s URL ends in ‘post=No.’ where No. is the ID of the page.

    PPS: An easier way is to indeed hover over a Page Title in Manage, Pages and as long as your browser has a status bar (usually at the bottom) where it shows the URL of any hovered-over link, then that too will end in ‘post=No.’.



    I used the post/ page #ID to create blog and index listings.Had posted for help doing an index /listing and received no answer. Archaic as it may be, what I did ,works.
    If there is a better way, would appreciate the guidance to a better method.
    In ver 2.3.3 once learned the “manage posts/pages” and using the ID’s, was my solution to a working index. I’m stuck now, in updating the existing posts to reflect the WordPress blog instead of the Blogger blog.
    I nned the ver 2.3.3 method, to retain my normal insanity factors.



    +1 for visible post/page IDs. at least let us (the admin) toggle whether to make these visible or not. a simple user will not bother, but those of us who understand can use it.

    Yes, please put the Post ID’s back where they were prior to 2.5!!!



    +1 for visible page ID’s too!! I use wp_list_pages too and the functions only allow for numbers rather than names.



    …come to think of it… hovering is not such a big deal to me… just make sure it’s mentioned in the codex on the wp_list_pages page so that others will know where to look.



    Well not only do I want to be able to see the Page ID #s but it also reassigns the page numbers on an import.

    +1 for page ID

    We got some inquiries in the german WP community aswell on Post and Page IDs, so I’ve created this little handy plugin:

    See screenshot for what it does. 🙂 I will extend the plugin in the near future with user access control and IDs in the category and link lists.

    Hope you find this helpful.

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