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  1. mdr21
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have a category-based template, everything works great, however, when you click on a category it will show posts of subcategories first if the publish date is newer. I just want the posts from the top or current category to be displayed first (or only if need be).

    I can set a post to announcement and the top category post will show fine, but if I visit a child or grandchild category it will show the wrong(latest) post.

    For example of parent/child/grandchild relationship.
    Click on House brings up latest post instead of the 'house' post
    > House:
    > - Red House:
    > Red House Price
    > Red House Size
    > - Green House
    > Red House Price - Has latest post
    > Red House Size

    Can this be solved. Thank you for any insight.

  2. mdr21
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Sorry, the subcats should be indented

    > Homes (Top Category)
    > > Red House
    > > > Red House Price
    > > > Red House Size
    > >Green House
    > > > Green house price
    > > > Green house Size

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