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  • Hi, six mont ago I contacted you for solve a litle problem:
    Show popup in All page except to REGISTER PAGE.
    You given me a solution: select all page except REGISTER PAGE.
    But the problem is the follow:
    In addition to the “standard pages”, in my web I have also “Archive page”.
    If I select the option “show to all pages”, your popup is showed in all pages inclusive archive page. It is great.
    But if I want to show a popup to ALL PAGES EXCEPT IN REGISTER PAGE, there is no way for do that…
    I can select manually all pages, except register page, but I can not select archive page because there is not this option (they are not showed…).
    So I can not use your popup…
    You told me you will develope this feature because it is a good feature.
    I have waited 6 months but you have not yet developed it… I am sure you have had a lot of things to do… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iยจd like buy the payment version of your plugin, but I need you add this feature.
    Please, let me know if you will add this feature in the next update, and please let me know aproximatelly when you will release the new update (2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months…).
    I can wait a few weeks, but I can not wait other 6 months… otherwise I should choose another plugin.
    I hope you can add this simple feature in a few weeks.
    Please, reply to me if it is so. I will wait your answare.
    Thanks very much for your support and your patient ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Thread Starter giuseppecuttone


    maybe there is a little error.
    CASE 1: If I create a popup and I select the option SHOW to the SELECTED PAGES, popup will be showed in “SELECTED PAGE” (where will be showed only the STANDARDS PAGES).
    CASE 2: If I create a popup and I select the option SHOW to ALL PAGES, popup will be showed in “STANDARDS PAGES” and also in “ARCHIVE PAGES” (even if ARCHIVE PAGE are not listed).
    CASE 3: So, in order to bypass this problem and show popup only to the ARCHIVE PAGES and no to the REGISTER PAGE, I have created a popup and I have selected the option NO PAGE. I thought it allow me do not to show the popup to the STANDARD PAGES, and I thought it allow me to show the popup to the ARCHIVE PAGES. But I was wrong… I do not know if it is a bug o not…
    In conclusion, I can not bypass the problem… If you do not want to add the option SHOW TO ALL PAGES EXCEPT THE FOLLOW PAGES…, maybe you can help me givin me a snippet for function.php that let me DO NOT SHOW POPUP FOR REGISTER PAGE.
    I think this option it is interesting also for others user because show popup when an user are going to make a registration, it is very annoing…
    Please, let me know how you can help me in the case I buy PRO VERSION.
    Thanks for your support.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Hi Giuseppe,

    thank you for contacting us and for choosing our plugin! Unfortunately at the moment you can decide where to show your popups, but you can’t select the pages to exclude.

    In PRO version you got more options for this setting – i.e. you can show popup in selected pages, posts, categories, taxonomies etc. – you can download and try it for free, maybe you’ll find something useful. Here’s the free trial download:

    We’re available for any further information, best regards

    Thread Starter giuseppecuttone


    In my web I use the GeoDirectory Plugin. It converts my web in a
    directory creating diferents Custom Post Type (for example
    “restaurantes y bars”, “hotels”, “activities”, and so on…).
    Into each CUSTOM POST TYPE, I can create CATEGORIES.

    At this time in my web I have the follow pages:
    1. STARDARD WordPress Pages like:
    2. Archive Pages (where is showed CUSTOM POST TYPE (like restaurantes,
    hoteles, and so on..) like
    3. Search Pages (where is also showed CUSTOM POST TYPE like restaurantes,
    hoteles, and so on.. but using a search system and not archive page)

    If I create a popup and I select the option to show it to ALL PAGES,
    popup will be showed to all pages (Standars WordPress Pages, Archive
    Pages and also to Search Pages).
    It is ok.
    The problem is that I want show popup to all pages except BuddyPress
    Register Page.

    Just as you sugested me in the previously mail, in order to do that, I
    can use the option for to show popup only to Selected Pages using PRO
    plugin with taxonomies and categories.

    I have tested this solution. It runs in:
    STARDARD WordPress Pages
    Archive Pages
    but it do not run in Search Page.

    Search page are very important for me and I need show popup in Search Page ๐Ÿ™

    The unique solution is select the option “Show to All Pages”, and
    introduce a snippet to the function.php saying:
    It is an example…
    It should be one simple line of code (a simple snippet), but I am not
    informatic and I do not know what is the snippet…

    If you provide me the snippet I will buy PRO version. Otherwise I can
    not use your popup ๐Ÿ™

    I hope you can give me the snippet. Please let me know.

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