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  • This is a lot like it:

    You can see a working example of it on my site –

    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    Another option:

    Viper’s Plugins Used

    LIke mattman, I’m using the pluginsUsedPlugin as well.

    Can be seen here.

    Thank you Mattman.

    Okay, just tried this and for some reason I am not seeing anything but the code when I do it as a page, even went in the html edit and still no dice. However when I do it as a list in the sidebar it works fine. I would like this to show up as a page and a table on that page. Is there a reason why I can’t do that?

    Oops, I forgot about mine not working, either. RunPHP and other things don’t work with 2.0, I believe, which makes it impossible to execute scripts in posts or pages (other than sidebars and whatnot). I hope I’m wrong, but I think that’s why it won’t work.

    Would love to know if this is the case. Just tried uploading it as a html file for a page and still not dice. Does anyone know if this will be fixed. I would love to show it as a page like tauquil.

    What you could do is create a plugins template using your text editor, style it and enter the code as you wish, then upload it to your server.

    Then create a new page, using your newly created plugins template as the Page Template. I hope that makes sense. It’s a tad convoluted but would work.

    How would I go about creating a new template page? Would love to try, but not really to sure how to work it.

    If you look in your theme folder, chances are they’ll be a page template in there already. For example in Kubrick (the default theme), ‘archives.php’ is an example of a template.

    Copy the structure of the template making the necessary changes (be sure to change the name), upload it and then hopefully it will appear as an option under Page Templates when you try to write a new page.

    Okay, I will see if I can do this. Thank you

    Thank You tauquil. I created the new template, added the code and it works now. Tweeked the plugin a little to my liking. Now it shows up as a page. Oh before I forget, it also needs to be added to the style.css Thanks again.

    Glad it worked out 🙂

    (Want to give us a link? I couldn’t find the page)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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