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  • Hello people,

    A situation that can cause inconvenience is when a user registers or I myself (adm) register a user and choose to send an email to the user with the confirmation link, along with the password. When this option is chosen, the new user registration will not appear to me as Adm until the user clicks the link (in his email) to confirm the registration.

    The problem that can cause this is that the user does not receive the email or he cannot find it, just as it has happened to me. The user informed me that he did not receive the email with the confirmation link. And when checking the list of registered users on my site, this new user did not appear there because he has not yet confirmed his registration. With that I can’t do anything on my side, even though I am an administrator (owner) of the site.

    Wordpress forgot that detail.

    So, I suggest this improvement for the next updated.

    If the user has registered or the admin has registered a user and has chosen the option to send an email with a confirmation link, then this new user will already appear in the list of registered users, but it will appear as “Pending”.
    So, if the user informs that he has not received the email or is not finding it, then I as the site administrator, I go to the registered user page, locate the new user’s registration with the status “Pending” and click on send and email again.
    I could even have the option of myself, as an administrator, confirming the user’s registration, if the user continues to inform that he is having difficulties in confirming his registration.

    I leave the suggestion here.

    Thank you!

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Thank you for the thoughtful suggestion. You are referring to behavior for a multisite installation, correct? AFAIK new users in single site do appear in the users table.

    To get better attention of those in a position to implement something, you should consider filing a trac ticket. At issue is new users do not appear in the users DB table at all, they are saved in a signups table. I do agree that being able to view signup users would be useful, as well as having an option to be able to resend the activation link, possibly to a different email address. One issue is I think it may need to be a superadmin only view, but even that is better than no view.

    FWIW, as a crude workaround until something is created for this, if you can access the raw DB data through the phpMyAdmin app, the link’s activation key and user email can be obtained from the signups table and one could manually compose and send another confirmation email. As I said, a crude workaround, but a workaround none the less.

    Thread Starter Rodrigo


    Hello @bcworkz

    Yes, my site has multisite enabled.
    I created a ticket on WordPress Trac. I hope they will consider this suggestion and offer improvements in an upcoming update.

    Appreciate your attention.

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